MaTeS for web pages and slide decks

MaTeS provides an easy to learn syntax for generating decent looking web pages and HTML5 slide decks.


The Syntax page shows how to write MaTeS files. If you want to generate slide decks for presentations, you should read the Slide Syntax page as well.
The MaTeS documentation is created with MaTeS itself. An example slide deck can be found here.


You can download the source from our Subversion repository:
svn co mates
When asked for a login, enter user 'anonymous' with no password.


MaTeS is written in Go, download it at and get it running. Don't forget to put the go\bin directory to your shell $PATH.
To build MaTeS, download the sourcecode from the repository (see above) and type:
cd mates
go build


To run MaTeS, you need to create one or more .md files. Then call:
mates -destdir=testdata/html testdata/*.md
On Windows, keep in mind you don't have globbing:
mates -destdir=testdata/html testdata/ testdata/ testdata/
Here are some examples for md files: